• A presentation of our Consulting Area.
  • _ The management consulting department was created in 2004, as a result of the experience in business management by its founding associates. We are specialized in process management and business management, centering our efforts in the following activities:
    • Collaborating with our clients for correct implementation of their strategy through their human team.
    • Helping our clients to strengthen management structures, using the most advanced methodologies and the knowledge of the client’s business.
    • Acting always as partners to our clients, even after the proposed solutions have been placed into action.
    • Adding value to our client’s business through our activities and experience. Our success lies in obtaining higher and confirmed profitability.


    Our mission is to increase our client’s competitiveness level, helping to construct effective and creative teams, by improving their skills.


    Our vision is to be an organization recognized by its values and its quality in Organization and Management Consulting. We aim at becoming a point of reference for small and medium sized companies that look for professional, innovative management and human resource solutions


    • Commitment and confidentiality to our clients
    • Innovation and development applied to our business processes
    • Team confidence and motivation
    • Ethics and social responsibility with regards to our society


    Our team is made up by professionals who have acquired their knowledge both in the academic and professional worlds. Our team members account with varied management and consulting experiences in nation and international wide companies, who combine technical and human skills.

    Our work is based on human intellectual capital. We make our collaborators participants of our projects. They add up by bringing new perspectives, helping to resolve conflicts and improving the overall results.

    Our team is made up by persons who have a wide experience and who are fond of our management projects. Our consultants are not only experts in their own business areas, but they are capable to understand our clients and their problems, to listen to them and to get involved reaching a solution.

    Our human team professionals are highly qualified, full of motivation and desire at aiding companies in their aim for improvement. They apply work ethics and a rigorous treat to our clients.


    We use consulting and training to improve our clients’ results and their human teams. Our consulting and training projects are adapted to our clients’ needs and circumstances, in every sector.

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