• Tax, Accounting and Labour Consultancy

    We Offer permanent and specific advice to each of our clients, supported by a personalized study.
    Preparation and due delivery of required documents before theTax Office, including the following:

    Company Registration or Economic Activities Entrepreneur Registration
    Census Declaration at business start up.
    Tax system : Direct and Objective Estimation
    Preparation and presentation of periodic Tax returns (I.R.P.F. , I.V.A., I.S., Retentions, not Residents, etc.)
    Annual Statements
    Administrative proceedings and Economic-Administrative claims before the Tax Office.
    Local Taxes Processing (IBI, Appreciation, etc.)
    Tax Inspections (preparation, assistance, and representation)


    Request of Spanish tax identification code for businesses (CIF)
    Company Foundation
    Entrepreneur Registration
    Accounting Administration
    Preparation of accounting documents and book-keeping
    Official Books Preparation
    Annual Statement Deposit
    Analysis and Follow-up: Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet


    Employment contracts.
    Payrolls preparation.
    Labor consultancy.
    Proceedings before Work Inspection Authorities

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