• Ontological Business Coaching
  • _Ontological Business Coaching is a branch of coaching based entirely on the person and his/her capacity of growth and progress at any moment in life. In this learning context, we assist our clients to establish his/her own goals and to re- learn not only in a rational way, in other human aspects as well: emotional, corporal and linguistic. We consider creativity a key factor of human development. Our coaching is based on the believe that each person has the potential to lead its own life and to continuously create opportunities to promote his/her leadership within his/her own organization. Ontological Business Coaching looks for the opportunities that will take us to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves, instead of looking back for the traumas that block or distort us. Our work is conducted through individual meetings with a coach; a person specialized in humanist psychotherapy who at the same time has a technical profile and business experience in various activities and responsibilities.

    In Cubic we consider basic to have a communicative attitude, keeping in sight technical skills and an objective driven orientation.

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