• Leadership and management training
  • _The training program “Managing Advisers” follows a human leadership approach this expression is used by CUBIC to define people with managing responsibilities, especially those in charge of managing teams, and who lead tasks under the strategic company values. This human management model is based on a philosophical, anthropological and psychological conception of the human being as being mainly creative. This model, as well, considers ethical values as an import part of each personality and each human being as unique and original.

    The model of people treated as robots is dismissed, a model unable to explain creative human nature, the exploratory conduct, and the meta-motivations …

    Furthermore, parts of our approach are the attitudes and intentions of the humanist leader favoring efficiency, promoting the use of creativity, and facilitating personal growth.

    Even though, it’s not an easy task to change inner attitudes and behavior, it is possible to develop managing abilities through:
    • Information: both of abstract and experimental knowledge.
    • Training: rational and spontaneous motivation acting on the will
    • Skills training as a way of going into action.

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