• Strategic and Human Resource planning.
  • _CUBIC considers leadership in any business organization as the cornerstone of strategic planning. Regardless of the implementation model used, special emphasis is made on management skills and the capacity to involve everyone within the organization. We do not implement processes or quality systems based only on procedure manuals and document tracking; in CUBIC we want to go one step further, considering human resource management as key to corporate success.

    Thus , one of the Human Resource Department main functions is to define the company’s leadership style and to support it consistently throughout the organization; in accordance to the values and targets established in the strategic planning program. Our work requires active client participation. Key managers must be involved and reach an agreement to develop a program centered on people and results.

    Actions are always designed in accordance with every client’s specific needs, intending to raise profits in the short or long-term. These actions fall into the following proposals:
    • Strategic Plans
    • Process Reshaping
    • Evaluation of the Human Resource Management and Communication
    • Implementation of a Human Resource Management model
    • Internal communication improvement
    • Client oriented organizations
    • Implementations of service evaluation tools

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