• Project management
  • Project Management is a technique used for the comprehensive professional management of projects. Increasingly, it is a crucial success factor and CUBIC accounts with the staff and the tools to make those projects profitable for our clients. We provide the following services covering the full execution process:

    Analysis of the original ideas, search of locations, team selection, budget management and planning, site management, relocation, maintenance and cost study. There are countless circumstances that might increase the cost and the length of the original project; climate conditions, suppliers, collaborating companies. To control these variables we use planning management, cost control and resource management skills. CUBIC assigns a project leader for each project, who acts as an intermediary to guarantee that the client needs are fulfilled before developers, suppliers, and the Administration. Our approach tries to assure maximum profitability, maintenance of quality standards and meeting of deadlines. Our purpose is to deliver the project within the agreed term, under the established quality standards and budget.

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