• Domotics and Building Automation projects
  • Cubic offers its clients, individuals or companies, intelligent control systems for the home or office, intended to provide users more comfort and therefore a better quality of life while saving energy.


    Our domotic projects and assessment are directed to architects, developers, fitters and individuals, interested in going one step forward beyond conventional building. To implement domotics we suggest an n open solution system under the European standard KNX/EIB. The mentioned system offers endless possibilities, from a simple lightning control system, to access control, air conditioning control and programming, communications, technical alarms, safety, audio and video. All these solutions can be controlled while sitting peacefully on a sofa on another part of the world.

    Building Automation

    When domotics is applied to non-residential buildings is known as Building automation or Intelligent Building. Building automations is targeted to hotels, offices, hospitals and shops.
    Even though solutions are not the same as those applied in homes, their approach is the same.

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