CUBIC Consultors offers business and engineering advice to a wide range of companies. Cubic aims at offering a comprehensive service to its clients.
The firm accounts with two different areas: business consultancy and project engineering.
Both areas have developed important synergies between them, offering a complete service to mutual clients.
CUBIC’s strategy is to provide global solutions to its clients, offering business advice from the company start up. Cubic is a client service oriented company, attending their needs with proven quality, efficiency and profit value.
CUBIC‘s human team is made up by professionals compromised with the company’s mission. Relations are based on confidence and communication, in order to achieve service, quality and efficiency objectives.
CUBIC is in permanent review of internal processes. The company values overall the creativity of all parts involved (personnel, associates, shareholders, suppliers and clients) in order to work together towards the achievement of common goals.
The spirit of our organization is a combination of human skills and technology. The leadership style follows a humanist trend; whereas human skills combined with technological advancements allow to offer global services. This humanist approach is applied to all areas within the organization:

• Human factor
• Financial- accounting
• Commercial ( domestic and international)
• Organizacional processes
• Production processes
• Technology and installations
• Technical projects

We invite you to visit the CONSULTING and ENGINEERING AREA pages to get further information on our business and activities.

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